Primary Service – Granting of Loan to all qualified members

(Members can open a savings account with and interest of 1.5% per year)

All members of the Makati Medical Center Family Credit Cooperative in good standing shall be entitled to avail themselves of the different types of loan, after they have fulfilled all the requirements.


  1. Secure an application form at the Coop Office
  2. Present the latest one (1) month payslip
  3. Coop staff verifies the completeness of the documents and prepares the assessment and amortization schedule
  4. Present a co-maker for verification
  5. Coop staff validates the co-maker
    • If the co-maker is approved, fill out the application form and secure the signature of the co-maker
    • If the co-maker is not qualified, the borrower will look for another one

     6. Submit fully accomplished application form together with the necessary requirements including the billing address.


  1. Fully accomplished application form
  2. Latest one (1) month payslip
  3. Government issued ID of the borrower with complete address
  4. Photocopy of ID of co-maker
  5. Proof of billing
    • Barangay clearance if no available proof of billing
    • Certification from the home owner – if the billing address is not under the name of the borrower and Photocopy of home owner’s ID.
    • Billing statement is valid only until six (6) months

      6. Co-maker

    • One co-maker is required  if the amount of loan is from Php 50,001.00  to Php 200,000.00
    • Two co-makers are  required   if the amount of loan is from Php 200,001.00  to Php 500,000.00
  1. In the absence of a co-maker  any of the following collaterals is acceptable:
    • Original copy of Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) – located in NCR and CALABARZON ONLY (TCT should be under the name of the borrower)
    • Tax declaration with supporting Deed of Sale and latest payment of Real Property Tax
    • Original OR/CR (Vehicle should not be more than 5 years old)
    • Original copy of MMC stocks certificate (for MSA members)


  • Regular members can avail of the following loan amount based on the years of membership with COOP.
  • Only one loan is entitled without a co-maker and cannot be used simultaneously with other types of loan except for emergency loan.



Years of Membership with COOP


Minimum CBU Required

Loanable Amount

w/o co-maker

Below 1 year



1 year to below 2 years



2 years to below 3 years



3 years and above